I’ve arrived!



After months of waiting (read: lolling about in Canberra, rereading Harry Potter and rewatching Greek to mentally prepare myself for the Oxford college experience) I’m finally here in the City of Dreaming Spires! And I’ve gotta say, I’m feeling pretty dandy.

I’ve spent most of the past 2 days cooing like a pigeon over the bespectacled boys on bicycles and quaint shopfronts. Everything is super old and claims to have been patronised by Shakespeare. I think it’s pretty telling that the shop I bought my ethernet cable from was established before my home country was colonised.

The only thing that could dampen my spirit was having to say goodbye to Mummy Cheesman today (…yes, at the age of 23 I needed my mother to deposit me safely here, sugar soap the walls of my room etc.)

For our figurative last supper/literal last breakfast we went to Quod at the Old Bank Hotel.


I was immediately enamoured because the waiter was adorably portly and used words like ‘banquette’ and ‘cafetiere’, but the buffet seemed to be a chilled ‘go for your life no judgment’ kind of deal. I ate a ridiculous quantity of croissant, granola that was basically toffee-d nuts and mounds of what I thought was heavenly-thick yoghurt but later discovered was mascarpone. My arteries were weeping but my heart was happy.

Quod gets a definite tick, and proves that there’s nothing like comfort food to ease the pain of saying goodbye to family.

Photo: TripAdvisor (note: I didn’t see the rooms but The Old Bank Hotel seems like a really nice place to stay if you find yourself in Oxford. A Google Image search brings up pictures of radicchio and happy couple getting intimate, which can only bode well amirite?)

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