Everyday I’m Muffling…

You know what my Dad finds hilarious? Those ridiculous postcards that have like ‘Santa Monica…at night!’ emblazoned on a jet black card, or ‘Whistler…a blizzardy day!’ on a plain white background. I swear with his recent globetrotting and propensity for sending out these inane cards he single-handedly keeps the global postal service up and running.

Well, after that rant, here’s a view of the Oxford High Street, through student noise insulation:


My windows have less glazing than a melted Krispy Kreme, and there is constant traffic (save when there are roadworks afoot in which case there is constant JACKHAMMERING) so I had to take matters into my own (pilfering) hands. I raided the steward’s cupboard for a doona, 3 pillows and a neckroll and stuffed the panes like a campfire s’more.

The broken window locks were an easy fix – duct tape is not only usefull for removing plantar warts, fashioning prom dresses (how good are those Project Runway unconventional material challenge eps?!) and presumably holding pipes togeether, but also for window binding.

I’ve also ordered some baby crib mattresses to fill the other window. Just call me a regular Suzy Homemaker.

Insulation + white noise machine + earplugs + noise cancelling headphones = potential Zzzzzz’s for me tonight!

And yes, from the High Street my room does look like a padded asylum cell.


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