College Bop: a treatise on dressing up, and down…

Ah the costume party. Is there any greater pleasure? Besides fresh creamery butter and Hugh Jackman, I think not.

Every Halloween it seems like the same article gets trolled out, disparaging the girl who uses it as an excuse to dress in lingerie under the (literally) thinly-veiled pretence of being like, a woodland creature or emergency services worker.


Personally, I have no problem with that approach. As the inimitable Nora Ephron said: “Oh, how I regret not having worn a bikini for the entire year I was twenty-six. If anyone young is reading this, go, right this minute, put on a bikini, and don’t take it off until you’re thirty-four.” Unless you’re Helen Mirren, chances are your body and enthusiasm for dressing up (ok, down) are only going to wane. So why not embrace the lace, say oui to PVC and flash some flesh? (Now there’s a cereal jingle in the making)

My ONLY caveat is that the costume party is also a stellar opportunity to express your sense of humour and whimsy sartorially. We can’t all have the quotidian wardrobes of Claudi Kishi or Ashleigh Howard (issues of finance, mental effort and flammability…)


 ….So seize the chances you do have!

I have adored Mindy Kaling for years, since discovering that she wrote for (as well as starred in) The Office. As an aspiring screenwriter, I have wept briny tears into many a pillow over the fact that even if one day I DO make it into the comedy writing game, I will never have worked on the Office. Crying aside, the Mindy Project is also fantastic and the Halloween episode (S1, Ep4) illustrates my point about costumes perfectly. Even if you’d never seen an episode before (in which case, who are you? Clamber out from your grotto, weirdo), and had no exposure to her brilliance (um…do you not own a TV or internet connection? Are you determined to live a miserable, unfulfilled life?) you would know from her get-ups – Tinkerbell Tailor Soldier Spy, Dirty Harry Potter, and Lil Wayne on the Prairie – that Mindy is bona fide.

Our first college Bop (I know, ridiculous right? It’s as bad as when our parents used to call our gatherings ‘parties’… just drive me to the milk bar already) was Heroes & Villains themed. I didn’t go the lycra route for fear of being unoriginal (and VPL). But I also had only 2 hrs to scramble something together so didn’t manage anything witty.


My best effort. To everyone’s bafflement, I was supposed to be Finn from Adventure Time, and not a rabbit, gummi bear, Pokemon or Buzz Lightyear.

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