In the bag

In my bag

So from creepily cornstalking other blogs for the last 6 years, I get that a ‘What’s in My Bag’ post is kinda a rite of passage. A banal one, but it was an excellent excuse to take stock of my tote-contents, clear out a heap of flapjack crumbs (feeding a family of chaffinches in the process) and reassess whether housing a school of soysauce fish is really that necessary (answer: yes).

The bag: a patent plum Michael Kors. I bought this in 2010 at a Vegas outlet. I remember the day distinctly because it was the BEST shopping day I’ve ever had. Australian shopping is pretty lacklustre by comparison (eg. this exact bag is currently selling in Sydney, almost double the US price, and will probably languish in DJs for another 3 seasons before being shafted to DFO and reduced 15%). I know it was the best shopping day ever because I was so excited trawling through bargains that I forgot to eat lunch; the first and only time that has ever happened.

Bodlein library USB: an induction gift from the Lawbry. Honestly, there was a brawl over these wooden storage nuggets. I’m not saying 4GB isn’t handy, but I’m not sure it’s worth getting elbowed in the face for.

Mimco umbrella: because Oxford.

Selfie stick: the ol’ monopod comes in handy for snapping cute Oxford photos without my beak of a nose dominating the frame (am I the only one whose nose registers as a separate entity to tag on Facebook?). I only use it after I’ve waded into a gaggle of tourists though, because if anyone from college saw me I’d be shunned. For the awkwardness it induces it should be renamed the ‘selfie-conscious stick’.

Oroton wallet: full of enigmatic coinage, too many Euros (vending machine conspiracy?) and the occasional yoghurt medallion.

Clinique bronzer: 1 month of piss-weak English rays and my tan has faded to a fish-belly white glow. This sunlight-substitute is an absolute saviour.

Clinique almost lipstick: this lip-colour (black honey) is honestly the best thing ever. I’ve never been able to wear lipstick because it inevitably migrates onto my teeth (probably due to my inclination to lap up anything sweet). But this lip-colour is adherent; dark enough that with a few slicks it looks vampy, but sheer enough that if you end up eating a few layers it won’t look like you’ve got wine-mouth/gingivitis.

Keys: these open all the doors marked PRIVATE in college. There are only a couple that don’t open, but I assume that they’re penning in giant three-headed dogs.

Post-its: in case I have a brilliant thought or need to leave a passive-aggressive note.

Itsu juice: we’ve discussed this.

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