Bean boot bungle

When I ordered my L.L. Bean boots, I was slightly miffed at the “…fries with that?” checkout suggestion of a pair of men’s boots. ‘I don’t need a man!’ I thought (cue PCD power ballad), ‘and if I did have one, I probably wouldn’t want him wearing the same shoes as me.’


When I excitedly opened my Bean parcel this week, I couldn’t help but feel that they’d taken their anti-single stance a bit too far. What did I find, nestled like tumbled leather bunnies amidst the tissue paper? Not my highly-anticipated snow-mucking booties, but a pair of men’s penny loafers.


The winning look

After raging for a bit I tried them on and…was kind of converted. Honestly, if they weren’t 2 sizes too big, I’d keep them for myself.

“Whatever for!?” I hear you scoff. But my thinking is: they’d make great home shoes.

Much like driving with gloves and a sunbonnet, it’s an Asian thing to wear slippers inside. Never shoes; the same concern with cleanliness that has kept our TV remote preserved in gladwrap for 20 years applies to carpeted surfaces. But my Mum has been a Birkenstock devotee since before Celine and Leandra Medine made them cool, and is wont to offer LV monogram slides to anyone who enters our house (never mind that they’re a size 4). I used to get really embarrassed by this. But now that I’m old, complain about the cold (in a ‘my tingling joints tell me there’s a storm a-brewin’ way) and think that arch-support trumps style, I could get on board with the indoor-shoe. 

Not that these aren’t stylish. A mannish cardigan, tartan dressing gown and ashy pipe would complement these loafers to a tee, no?

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