Introducing a new segment: That Oxford Moment

Living in Oxford puts me in a constant state of amusement and bemusement. My face spends much of the day screwed up in a “What the?!” expression, or a rueful, “Only in Oxford…” So I thought I’d start sharing some of these with you, in quick-and-easy microwaveable bites.


For example, yesterday I had brunch at college. This is where we go to the MCR, and a few kindly seniors play housemarm and cook us up deliciously fluffy scrambled eggs, chilli-infused haloumi, sausages, bacon and mushrooms (using just a sandwich press, as far as I can surmise). There’s also a delicious but random assortment of other food like crumpets, chocolate Philadelphia (!), brie, banana yoghurt pots, carrot sticks, scones, hummus etc. I was there in sweatpants and Nike Frees (pretending that I’d come from the gym when really I’d just rolled out of bed). I burrowed into a couch and set about recouping my £3 in Nutella. That was not the Oxford Moment.

The Moment was when my friend Johannes, who was wearing woollen argyle socks, slacks, a cornflower blue v-neck jumper and knitted tie, was reclining in an armchair. He was eating a scone with raspberry jam, and telling me about the Beagling Expedition he went on the day before. My friend Katie was perched beside him, wearing a white shirt, ecru riding pants and riding boots, discussing the prospect of securing a Picasso at the college’s art auction. They were total Sloane to my Slob. It was a total Oxford Moment.

Ps. If you haven’t already, you should hire/download That Awkward Moment (or ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ for all you Antipodeans. I know, worst title translation ever. Almost as bad as those classic International Marketing Fails, like KFC’s ‘finger lickin’ good’ being translated as ‘eat your fingers off’ in China in the 80s). I’m not exactly known for my taste in movies (people always question my film recommendations of Legally Blonde and Paper Heart…and whether they can legitimately be called ‘films’) but my cousin Immy, who is super highbrow (she reads Tolstoy, watches Stanley Kubrick films and is one of 3 people I know who can wax lyrical about Brahms) loved this movie as well. She even used a line from it to explain the very nature of relationships to her ex-boyf (“And being there when someone needs you is all relationships are, Jason.”), which totally vindicates its societal value. Also, Miles Teller and Zephron. Winky face.

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