More merch, more purch

I am such a sucker for branded stuff. At 13 I was enamoured with Emily the Strange (my Whimsical Emo stage), at 19 I couldn’t get enough of Marc by Marc Jacobs (mouse shoes, ’nuff said). At 23, it’s still MBMJ (hey, who can go past the cheery colour palette and winsome typeface?) but I’m also counting my pennies for Oxford clothing and tchotchkes.

Since I got my Magdalen hoody and rowing jacket, I been craving more merch. I’m like the Very Hungry Caterpillar* of pretentious varsity clothing; except rather than eating cakes, pupating and blossoming into a beautiful butterfly, I’m just going to become an impoverished but well-swaddled human.

Here are my picks from the Uni shop:


Oxford Tombag £95

Such an insouciant day-tripping bag. I’d stuff it with beach towel and trashy mags for a Brighton trip, cardi and guidebook for a castle jaunt, or use it for sports gear. As per the specifications, you could also carry exactly 11L of milk, juice or liquid of choice.


Oxford cricket cap £60

Tweedle Dee chic!


Oxford jogging shorts £21

Not quite sure why they’re called “denim” shorts (I thought denim was a material, not a mindset) but these look super cute and comfy. Like a stylish adult diaper. At 60% fairtrade cotton, you’d only have to feel 40% guilty about this purchase!

And of course, there’s always this:


Oxford Senior Common Room sofa £3295

I think we can all see the inspiration of the “modest elegance” of the Senior Common Room in this 20th C Chesterfield style sofa.

*I actually just Googled the Very Hungry Caterpillar and was baffled. For those of you who haven’t revisited this book since childhood, here’s what Monsieur Caterpillar actually eats: Monday – 1 apple; Tuesday – 2 pears; Wednesday – 3 plums; Thursday – 4 strawberries; Friday – 5 oranges. On Saturday he eats 1 piece of chocolate cake, 1 ice cream cone, 1 pickle, 1 slice of swiss cheese, 1 piece of salami, 1 lollipop, 1 piece of cherry pie, 1 piece of sausage, 1 cupcake, and 1 piece of watermelon. To me, that seems like a pretty well-balanced diet. I get that it kind of escalates, but it’s still an ok example of calorific balancing, right? Like the 5:2 diet or whatever. I mean, sure maybe Rosemary Stanton would recommend more aphids/leaves/whatever else is good for caterpillar gut health, but I wouldn’t exactly say that VHC is gluttony incarnate.

Ps. another fun VHC fact – George W Bush listed the book as a childhood favourite. He was 23 when it was published.


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