Halloween take 2: Looking like death

Another day, another bop (yep, I still feel daft calling it that; like I should be wearing underoos and lindy-hopping). Wanting to do gory makeup and combat the high wind chill factor (ie. no scantily-claddedness for us!), my friends and I went dressed as zombie schoolgirls.


I do actually have friends, I promise. I’m just a bit clueless on the etiquette of posting photos of them on a public blog. Perhaps a notecard to Emily Post is in order…

This makeup is approximately half a shade lighter than my natural colour after living in Oxford for a month. The eye makeup is a light touch-up to the hefty bags I’m already lugging under my peepers (sleep deprivation chic!)

This photo was pre- fake blood and gore tattoo application. I had such an issue the next day not being able to get the open wound tatt off my neck. Completely soap/baby oil/wire pot-scourer resistant. Granted, there was no guarantee of it only lasting 12 hours – strep throat and demountable classrooms could also be described as ‘temporary’ and those buggers hang around for ages. But I got a bunch of lewd looks and ‘Oh heeeey’s (with raised eyebrow and knowing smirk) the next day because I appeared to be sporting the world’s biggest hickey. Honestly, it looked like Rob Beckett’s handiwork.

Bop rundown:

  • They played pretty much my whole running playlist (which hasn’t changed since 2010. Linkin Park and Shakira = classic) so I was happy and weirdly energised (with only minor bouts of Pavlovian chest constrictions).
  • I was so glad that we did pre-drinks (or ‘prinks’ as the English say. So, super glad that we prank. Prunk?). The bop bev of choice was ‘Casper cocktails’ which were approximately 5% rum, 95% coconut milk. I find my Dad’s habitual nightcap of milk and Baileys stomach-turning enough so I was not going to buy into this curry base abomination.
  • There was a little too much fly-papering going on: you know, when guys don’t really dance, just stand too close for comfort, don’t actually go in for anything (that would warrant a rebuff) but you can tell that’s what they’re hoping for. It’s like they assume that hanging around long enough will lead to a girl walking into their face.
  • One such Fly-paperer has since added me on Facebook and messaged me. In 2 sentences he used ‘u’ 5 times (which I think is passable in texts, unacceptable when you have access to a keyboard) and a winky face emoticon. Not as bad as the tongue-out smiley (which is never cheeky, just gross) but the Lizzie Bennet in me says, ‘Oh hell no!’

  • I know, I know. I reference The Mindy Project waaay too much. But MK just gets me. I’m thinking about repurposing this as a fanblog entitled ‘Things Mindy Does That I Love’.
  • A friend and I accidentally abducted a Zara vest (trying to get a friend’s vest and taking an almost identical one in S rather than XS…). Not our fault that Zara is the Oxford uniform and every coatroom is basically a Zara warehouse. But I feel bad that some girl is now either vestless or freaking out that she’s packed on a few pounds.

3 thoughts on “Halloween take 2: Looking like death

    • Alexandra you are too sweet! Thanks so much for the nomination! 🙂
      I love Mindy’s book…rereading it, her old blog, and watching The Office and The Mindy Project have to be some of the greatest pleasures in life. She seriously can do no wrong!


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