Too tired to think of a witty post title

So I just fell asleep in the shower…the steam was so soporific that I felt like I was in one of those Eastern European train compartments getting sleep-gassed by thieves. When I came to, I conditioned my hair like 3 times on autopilot. Not the first time it’s happened; my locks are slowly transitioning from sleek to oil-slicked penguin.

The sleep deprivation is definitely setting in. It’s the workload + events every night + Skyping Australia on an 11 hr time difference + early rowing starts and exhaustion. The latter is going to kick up even more now as a few of us novices are starting to train with the W1 team. I mean, it’s pretty cool (like being invited into the Sea Orgs of Scientology) but also overwhelming. I had my first training this morning and ohmigod I was terrible. While everyone else’s blades were slicing like hot knives through butter, it was like I was using a primitive maize machete (I believe the cox’s words were, “Elodie, perhaps you could make your movements less…moonlike?). Not since the time I had to put on a Dutch accent to play a transgender tambourinist in a primary school drama production have I felt so out of my depth. So yeah, should probs do some extra sessions.

Other signs of sleep deprivation:

  • Getting asked out because it appears I’m propositioning everyone I look at with a wink. Nope, just a persistent eye spasm.
  • Subsisting on bowls of coffee (anything smaller than a soup tureen just won’t cut it).
  • Having to prise my eyelashes out of the puffy folds of my eyelids in order to put mascara on.
  • Finding the simplest tasks overwhelmingly difficult. I’m thinking about investing in Velcro nurse shoes as even the thought of double-knotted shoelaces makes me weepy.
  • People thinking I’m wasted when I’m actually tee-totalling. It might be the delirious free-style rapping.
  • Diet Coke has become my new best friend.

Aptly labelled

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