Taking the fish head for the team: Happy Birthday Mum!

Scan 4

My family. My sister is the pint-sized pumpkin-coloured Cher Horowitz. I’m the adorable be-boatered Madeline. And yes, my brilliant mother made our outfits.

Happy Birthday Mummy! I know you read this blog because of the email you sent me the other day expressing concerns about my tunafish consumption. So true that Mercury Patrol requires Constant Vigilance.

You know how when you’re a kid you think your parents are invincible? Well, for me that feeling has never waned.

There is actually nothing that my Mum can’t do. She became a dentist after moving to Australia from Korea at the age of 17 without a skerrick of English.  She told me the other day about a University biology exam she sat where she had to draw a picture of a crab because she didn’t know the English word. Fortunately she’s also amazing at art; our house is dotted with her beautiful paintings and sculptures. My Mum cooks dishes that would cause Matt Preston to weep salty tears of joy into his cravat. Her ability to action a patio and vegetable garden makes Jamie Durie look like a foolish stud with a spud and a stud-finder. She is so blisteringly intelligent that she could dominate every dinner party conversation…but she is so self-effacing that she’d rather make others shine.

My Mum is the most selfless person I know. She has spent hours sewing costumes, clothes and formal dresses for me (including the most incredible Julien MacDonald-inspired studded and fringed dress that caused the Blair Waldorf of our year to speak to me for the first time ever at Year 12 formal). Once when I was brutally dumped, I called her up in tears…she arrived at my door in Sydney exactly 3 hours later, clods of dirt still clinging to her gardening clothes. She had literally dropped everything, jumped in the car and sped up from Canberra to console me. I don’t think she has ever eaten the nicer piece of meat – it’s always succulent fillets for the family, fish head for herself.

My Mum taught me to stand up for myself, to take myself more seriously and less seriously, and above all to be kind.

HBD to my bestie and soul mate! x

One thought on “Taking the fish head for the team: Happy Birthday Mum!

  1. Happy birthday!
    Couldn’t echo Elodie’s sentiments any better – you are amazing. Though, I would have to add “raising a wonderful daughter” onto the list too!


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