Frostbite and Bieber tops

Today was bloody cold. As in, icicles bloodily impaling unsuspecting passers-by cold. Here’s a pic of me traipsing to rowing this morning. You can’t see my face, but I assure you it’s that quintessential injured Russian gymnast mix of pained and Seriously Not Amused.


As was the logical thing to do, when I came back from rowing I put on 3 pairs of pants, cranked up the heater and curled up in bed with some microwaved snacking peanuts and my laptop.

As was the illogical thing to do, I started browsing for cute going out clothes and fell in love with this Zara top. Like, madly in love.


But then my brain started to thaw, which resulted in a big mental tussle with myself:

Pro-top Elodie: It’s totally versatile. It would be gorgeous as a negligee, a top with skinny jeans, a dress…

Opp-top Elodie: A dress? Are you a moron? You’re not Xena Warrior Princess you know. Chocha modesty!

Pro-top Elodie: Meh okay…but a black flapper skirt underneath would do the trick. Ah it’s so bohemian chic! I’ll get it…and some crimson lipstick and bird-inspired jewellery. Maybe I’ll start collecting silk tapestries and feyly floating around making whimsical hand gestures…

Opp-top Elodie: You’re not Jessa or a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. You’re about to enter Oxford winter and you have crap circulation.

Pro-top Elodie: Ok so on first blush it’s not really suited to nights out in Oxford. But as I’ve learned from my housemate, there are ways around this! Her solution to any fashion quandary? Add a skivvy. So far, I’ve seen her in a skivvy under a t-shirt, cap-sleeve blouse and spaghetti strap top. I could totally rock this with a turtleneck…

Opp-top Elodie: Elodie, it’s awkward, has too much fringe, and probably won’t last the test of time. It’s the Justin Bieber of casual party wear.

Pro-top Elodie: True. But you know what they say, Elodie? The Heart Wants What it Wants, baby.


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