Hunter, you had one job

You know those memes of toilet cubicles where the stall door has been placed so high that anyone entering the bathroom can see the actual toilet seat? Or where a supermarket shelf of spaghetti has been labelled ‘shoelaces’? Or where the 2 halves of a billboard have been switched so the recumbent model’s head is jutting into her cut-off waist? You know, the memes emblazoned with ‘You had one job!‘?

These Hunter “wellies” (and I’m doing air-quotes in the most sarcastic slo-mo) are an embodiment of that.


Hunter heeled wellingtons. Mind-bogglingly, £135. Even more mind-bogglingly, sold out online.

They fail on their very raison d’être, which is to equip the wearer for rain-slicked streets and muddy fields. They look like they’re appropriate for catfishing in the sense of sitting at a computer/being a weirdo shut-in and wheedling people into fake Internet relationships (other appropriate garb would include the Snuggie and maybe a fedora). But inappropriate for catfishing in the sense of fishing for catfish. Outdoors.

Honestly, it’s as bad as when they started lining Crocs with fleece, which defeated their sole advantage; of being dishwasher-safe.

2 thoughts on “Hunter, you had one job

  1. Fleece lined crocs sound horrifying. SO glad I just learned about their existence now. Also, I kind of love these. Like, rainy day stroll with a cute umbrella – think grown up Morton Salt Girl? In love only if the bottom is absolutely slip proof because damn those heels are high for wet surfaces.

    Warm regards,


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