A Gift for Gift-Giving

When it comes to gift-giving, they say it’s the thought that counts. My thought is usually, “Oh crap…not this time of the year again. What the hell do I get this person??”

I find Gifting to be enjoyable about 15% of the time; when I’ve got a clear idea of what the Giftee likes and needs, it’s within my budget, and I don’t need to have ordered it online 3 weeks prior. Otherwise, the whole process is just nerve-frayingly Stressful. My gift-giving tends to involve me a) freaking out and spending $200 on shearling mittens or a beaded minaudière or some other vaguely-cool-but-ultimately-pretty-useless tchotchke, or b) giving nothing but making a card and hoping that my artistic effort is proof enough of my love (it never is; there’s only so much that glitter glue can say beyond “I’m juvenile and desperate”).

My friend Tori is the Princess of Presents. When we were younger she gave me the best books (Odo Hirsch and Terry Pratchett) and movies (Sliding Doors, which made John Hannah one of my earliest crushes and forever cemented my love of the Scottish accent), and enabled my obnoxiously-branded clothing addiction. This year she got me an awesome Zara scarf which I’d been eyeing off for months.


Please excuse my creepy expression. I battle to coordinate selfie-taking and not-blinking,
so tend to overcompensate with hypnotist eyes.

These scarves are HUGE. Like, you can use them as picnic blankets and comfortably accommodate a family of 4 and full luncheon spread. A few days before Christmas, I was telling Tori about friends who’d pooled funds to buy a Zara scarf and divvied it up into 3 regular-sized scarves. For some reason, she took this as a negative and on Christmas day tried to give me the gift receipt for it. But she needn’t have feared. I love this massive muffler for a multitude of reasons:

1. I adore plaid but have never been game enough to wear it in pant/skirt/dress form for fear of looking too festive or costume-y (sartorially, I’m not such a Braveheart). A scarf, however, provides the perfect pop of plaid. Here are a couple of ladies wearing Zara scarves with aplomb (and NOT looking like villainous Disney snake charmers):

29dec1 29dec2

Credit: the lovely ladies of All You Need Is Style and Pearls and Twirls

2. It swaddles my head like linen around a Tudor baby, offering serious wind and blizzard protection.

3. It also functions as a great blanket. I put this to the test when we went to see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on Boxing Day. Sans Viggo Mortensen, my interest in the LOTR films has waned to the point of slumber; luckily I was able to curl up under my Zara shroud for the most blissful (albeit expensive) 3 hour nap I’ve ever had.

I got some other great Christmas gifts, including a cereal box sized packet of Smarties, which I proceeded to treat as cereal. With surprisingly steadfast candy shell colouring, they make for a fun and delicious energy boost when gobbled at 8am from a bowl of milk. Breakfast like a King, amirite?

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