2014, it’s been real nice

Last day of 2014, and a time for reflection. This year has been a corker: I got my law degree from USyd, moved to Oxford, and have spent the last 3 months throwing myself into BCL and college life. I’ve tried rowing and survived regattas, adjusted to a pretty competitive environment, done some amazing travelling, and still have all my natural teeth (no fillings here!)

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I’m so glad to have started this blog, and at the risk of sounding like Miss Teen USA (like, such as), I want to thank you so much for reading! Just a few months in, it’s so gratifying to have over 5500 views from 47 countries.

I’ve loved receiving your emails and comments – seeing that little orange WordPress flag or having something in my inbox makes me feel as giddy as ShopGirl getting an amusing message from NY152 (side note: Ah to have been Catfished by Tom Hanks!)


Blogging has also been a fun way to develop my writing voice. Just the other day, I got the most glowing endorsement. According to my Mum, I write just like her favourite gardening columnist. So if all else fails, I feel pretty safe in the knowledge that I can have a backup career writing about aphids and how to grow beetroot (in drained soil with well-rotted garden compost raked through, sown in mid-spring).

Nora Ephron once said in an interview that one way that she keeps her brain churning out fresh material is by writing: “That’s one of the reasons I became interested in blogging—it was a new muscle to flex.” This blog has kept me musing and writing (and encouraged me to get a piece published on ManRepeller). So I look forward to recording more of my tenuously-linked-to-Oxford thoughts in 2015!

ps. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to find that Nora quote. I honestly had to trawl through a bunch of other ‘muscle quotes’ like this gem from Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I just use my muscles as a conversation piece, like someone walking a cheetah down 42nd Street.”


On that inspirational note, I’ll leave you, and 2014!

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