Snow B(Day)!


From Britain to British Columbia! The journey took almost 24 hours, and included a 9 hour flight to Calgary next to the most garrulous geezer I’ve ever encountered (I now have 9 hours worth of wetland frog facts and a disturbingly vivid account of how the throbbing pain of sebaceous cysts changes with altitude), a tussle with unsympathetic ground staff (who insisted on frisking and bomb-testing me at snail’s pace even though my connection flight was already boarding), and a Home Alone-style dash through Calgary Airport. I arrived in Whistler Village bleary-eyed, but ridiculously excited.

A completely unexpected last-minute Christmas present from my parents, I can’t believe that I’m actually here. I didn’t think I’d get to see my family until graduation in August, or that I’d get to ski twice in one season (I know, I’m an Eloise-level brat)! Not that other gifts over the years haven’t been amazing (the stainless steel shower caddy I got for my 13th in particular proved super practical and hardy), but this one definitely takes the cake.

Speaking of, yesterday was my sister’s birthday. I could write her a poem, but she’s beat me up (not literally…benefit of having a sister rather than one of those knuckle-sandwich-type brothers) over the years for rhyming things with Trude (try it, there’s nothing savoury). But she definitely deserves some kind of ode. Trudy was the best big sis to grow up with: she’d always let me be the hat in Monopoly and Sporty in Spice Girl dress-up; she taught me Pig Latin and how to do hair-wraps. Where I struggled to make friends at the summer camps we went to (painful awkwardness and muteness are not the most endearing qualities), she’d make besties instantly. Not only did she become my role model of social ease and amiability, but she’d also let me hang with her Hama-bead-making crew (which I gather is a rarity for big siblings).


Also a fashion role model

She has always been generous with her time, playing taxi driver and picking me up at all hours of the night or early morning without so much as a grumble. She continues to lend me her car, even after I ran it into a pergola in an ill-fated reverse. There’s no-one I’d rather binge watch Awkward with, or be on a ski holiday with.

Happy Birthday Trudy!

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