Statement Necklaces

So I realise that my last few posts have all been in the ‘What I’ve Bought’ vein. At the risk of falling into the cornfed Warholian territory of Haul Vloggers (although they must be doing something right. Apparently Zoella’s “Home ‘Stuff’ Haul” video, in which she fascinatingly reveals that she is “quite selective with drinking glasses” has over 1.6 million views and 20,000 comments…) here’s a necklace I recently bought from Anthropologie:


Buying statement jewellery is my attempt to ameliorate my black clothes affliction. As an accursedly monochromatic dresser who is constantly offered condolences (apparently I look like I’m going to a funeral) or asked where to find nude pantyhose (apparently I look like a David Jones salesgirl), I’m always looking for ways to inject pops of colour into my outfits. Without like, actually wearing colour.

I was drawn to this décolletage duster because it looks like it’s made of candy gumdrops and teeth. It’s a dentist’s worst nightmare in jewellery form, which is pretty awesome.


Here’s another neckpiece I got from Zara (on sale, natch. Like a mole squirrelling away earthworms for the winter, I amass new things in January and then eke them out over the year). I will use it to dress up black cocktail dresses, and finish off my Beverly Hills Chihuahua costume for next Halloween.

Some others I found while trawling the net:


Erickson Beamon Imitation Pearl Necklace

For over US$1300 you’d hope that the pearls wouldn’t be imitation (or would be like, Beluga caviar eggs imitating pearls) but this is a stunner. I’d pair it with a grey slub tank and ripped jeans. For irony, but mainly because spending a grand on a necklace would reduce me to dumpster-diving for clothes.


Lizzie Fortunato Geometry Necklace

From what I can tell, this is made from gold-plated rigatoni, a gobstopper, washer and nut, a set of elvish wedding rings and a bolo tie. Love it.


Marika Necklace (half price at £36.95, plus a further 25% off today)

Wood, metal, glass and agate. Yin and yang; sparkly and rustic. This is basically the sour candy of neck candy (as Hannah Montana would sing if she weren’t busy going off the rails, it’s got “the best of both worlds”). This would go as well with organic bamboo fibres as silk, meaning you could wear it anywhere from a high-society soiree to a Kumbaya session at a raw food convention.

2 thoughts on “Statement Necklaces

  1. Feel you. Sometimes I twin with Wednesday Addams more often than I’d like. :X But hey, nothing a ruby lip couldn’t fix, right?

    The pasta+jawbreaker+bolo tie number takes the cake. Love that.



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