Winter Wake-up


I hate to be a typical Aussie, bellyaching about the UK cold (well, not really…because even though it’s something I have zero control over, I find bitching about the weather sort of cathartic. Much like art therapy or dream journaling…) but Oxford is freezing at the moment. There’s nothing quite like waking up before the sun, scooping last night’s mascara out of your eyes, and seeing that mockingly cute snowflake icon and ‘sleet showers’ on your iPhone’s weather app.

Seeing people in street, I can tell that (1) Oxford has no cute winter accessory purveyors and (2) it’s reached the point where real concern for health & safety has trumped the usual commitment to style. Shuffling to class, I’ll pass at least 8 pudding/turkey-headed students (discounted Christmas beanies courtesy of Primark). In the evening, I’ve seen boys wearing tuxedos with ski gloves and trapper hats, like fancy alpine lumberjacks.

Venturing out at 6am for rowing is painful. Even the swans are still sleeping at that time (Nature note: besides giraffes, my ex-Cirque du Soleil friend who sleeps in the splits using her calf muscle as a pillow, Asians in airports, and this sloth…


…swans are probably the weirdest looking sleeping creature. Just a floating lump of feathers. I couldn’t wrap my head around how they sleep with their heads stuck in the water, but after scrolling through Yahoo Answers (including an interesting thread entitled ‘A swan broke my arm today can I have it put to sleep?’) I learned that they actually tuck their head back under a wing to get that headless look. It’s pretty cute. But not worth getting up at 6am to see.

As always, consumerism time! Browsing SweatyBetty and Lululemon online, I found the loveliest gear for winter sports/lounging in organic pressed-juice bars. I don’t know if it’s the dewy-cheeked models or pastel Jordan almond colour palette, but somehow these brands make even salopettes look cool. If I were a wealthy Aspen yummy mummy, sugar-daddied prima ballerina or Heidi Klum I’d go nuts. For now though, £52 leg warmers seem a wee bit indulgent. Looks like it’s just moaning and pudding-head for me.

2feb2 3feb4 2feb3

Lululemon Sherpa fleece ear warmers, SweatyBetty fleece tech hoody and Urdhva yoga leggings

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