6 thoughts on “Overcoming Intimidation at Oxford

  1. If you let me to express my opinion I should say that you wrote a fantastic post, Elodie! I am just a usual girl, but It’s very interesting to read! You are very talented!


  2. Excellent piece, Elodie! You even have your own huffingtonpost.com subdomain now.

    I’m going back to eating a hot dog while you construct another analogy. I think I’d better chew quickly.


  3. Omg – that’s just part of being a girl – we all feel like blobfish. The Women In The World Summit is going to London soon- there’s a segment on confidence/neurology of confidence in women – you should apply for a press pass! I went to the NYC one this past weekend and it was amazing. You are amazing!

    Warm Regards,
    www. Little Wild Heart .com


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