Brasenose Ball

When it comes to their May balls, Oxford colleges go the whole hog. As someone who thinks engagement parties are borderline excessive (and kitchen teas just bizarre…how much fanfare and Royal Doulton tableware do you want?) I was amused to discover that all the balls have their own launch parties. And websites. And newsletters.

But in this case, I think the hype was warranted. Brasenose’s ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ Ball was pretty stellar. Inspired by Shakespeare’s enchanted forest (and, I don’t know, maybe Disney’s Neverland?), the sandstone quads were filled out with giant teepees, wooden swingboats, themed bars, food stands and a palatial DJ marquee.Brasenose12  Brasenose2

 (All photos: JRDunbar Photography)

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Oxford: the Day to Day

So I realise that my blog presence this month has been about as substantial as a Victoria Beckham Fashion Week appearance…

…for which I’m feeling very sheepish. Since starting Trinity term a month ago, I’ve been buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly from rowing training to tutorials to study sessions to college events.

Here’s a screenshot of my calendar for the past 2 weeks:

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A Very Oxford Week


PCBC Pimm’s Party (photo: Fashion Biscuits)

First week of Trinity term kicked off with the Pembroke College Boat Club Pimm’s Party, which fulfilled all of my ‘preppy University experience’ wishes. Back in my undergrad days at Sydney Uni, I used to wear this cute knock-off Ralph Lauren blazer around campus, which was pretentious enough to land me in the banner photo of the university website, but also meant that I fielded incredulous, “Why are you wearing your school blazer?” inquiries at least twice a day. But at Pembroke, the students donned their boat blazers and cuffed chinos with gay abandon. Of the pictures below, 1 is from the event, and 2 are Ralph Lauren ads. Can you guess which is which?

3may13 3may12 3may2

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