Oxford: the Day to Day

So I realise that my blog presence this month has been about as substantial as a Victoria Beckham Fashion Week appearance…

…for which I’m feeling very sheepish. Since starting Trinity term a month ago, I’ve been buzzing around like a blue-arsed fly from rowing training to tutorials to study sessions to college events.

Here’s a screenshot of my calendar for the past 2 weeks:

Trinity Week 3

Trinity Week 4

To be fair, the segments I’ve blocked off as essay-writing/note-taking present a slightly idealised version of my actual working habits. I guess you could view them the same way I view the ‘My Day on a Plate’ section in Sunday Life; tweaked at least a smidge for presentation-sake (e.g. I seriously doubt that Pete Evans, however virtuous, subsists entirely on activated almonds, sprouted millet and liquorice root tea).

I have been buckling down this term given the threat of end-of-term exams, but there’s still the usual dose of Facebook procrastination /  Skyping home / existential crises / taking offensively early and extended lunch breaks at college (followed by tea-soaked biscuits in the MCR and strolls around Addison’s Walk…preparation for old age, perhaps?).

Probably the best indicator of me actually being busy is that I no longer watch TV series (or, evidently, post to this blog). I’ve definitely upped the ante on the formal/dining event front (I’ve never spent so much time in bowtie-d company or eaten so many pancetta-swaddled asparagus spears in my life), as well as the rowing front, in preparation for the Summer VIIIs regatta which kicks off tomorrow!

It’s exhausting and crazy, but – like Karl Lagerfeld or the premise of Bananas in Pyjamas – crazy in a good way. Hopefully I can get some more posts up soon to break it all down!

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