I’m an Aussie girl in my early 20s living and studying at Oxford.

As a young’un growing up in sleepy Canberra I aspired to be one of those wholesome Enid Blyton kids who roamed the English countryside having jolly japes and lashings of ginger beer. Then there were the HP (wizard and lip-smackingly delicious sauce) years. When I grew up, I yearned for a halcyon, Brideshead-esque experience (minus the familial angst and incestuous love triangle). Anglophile? Yep. Delusional? I prefer the term “Dreamer”.

After studying law in Sydney for five years, I headed abroad to navigate the cultural quirks of Oxford. And, like, to get my Masters. I chose my college based on its private deer park (natch) and armed myself with a wardrobe that would befit the love child of Blair Waldorf: the Headband Years and Paddington Bear.

Follow my Oxcapades here!

Instagram: @saycheesman

Any inquiries: elodiecheesman@gmail.com

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