We Go Together Like Jam and Cheese


I have distinct memories of hitting the slopes (with skis and face) as a youngster; my Dad clipping Edgy-Wedgies onto my stubby skis, guiding me down the runs, and feeding me frozen Cherry Ripes when I got irritable (which was often). He would carve a path down the mountain and my sister and I would follow unquestioningly because, as with everything else, we put utmost faith in his judgement.

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Valentine’s Day: acceptable gifts


The countdown is on. Just 1 more week of champagne/oyster/chocolate degustation menus flooding my inbox. 7 days left of red velvet everything (though let’s hope that Red Velvet Oreos have the transeasonal staying power of pumpkin spice lattes and Cadbury Creme Eggs). Only a few more instances of fielding, “So…what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” inquiries from blissed-out, loved-up people (intent on broadcasting their own plans) with the realistic response: “Wallowing”.

If I’m coming off as a little bitter, it’s only because February 14th has never spelled great things for me. Last year I spent it at home, watching Diagnosis Murder reruns and darning my socks. The year before, I was dumped (don’t worry, it wasn’t actually on Valentine’s day…he had the good grace to leave me hanging the whole day and break up with me the following morning). The only boy to ever give me a rose did so under the duress of a Dragon Boating team tradition. He later threw an eel at me.

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Happy Australia Day!

AusDay3   AusDay9

In a couple of hours it’ll be Australia Day (AEDT). I usually spend January 26 at the Australia Day Live concert in Canberra; covered in Southern Cross temporary tatts and trying to avoid getting whipped in the face by mullets; listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown in a blow-up kiddie pool with at least 2 people dressed as Corey Worthington, or sneakily palming off sausage-sizzle duty at a BBQ I’ve thrown. Ah, nostalgia.

Here are some of the things I miss about home:

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Whistler Highlights

And I’m back! Well, back on the Grid (after failing to keep New Years Resolution #2, stunting my laptop’s battery life and then draining it after 2 blog posts and 1 lengthy FB stalk. Thank you to the kind genie-like concierge who was finally able to procure a UK-Canadian adaptor for me) and in Vancouver after bidding a teary farewell to Whistler.


My mum and I had a slow potter-about day; we visited the Vancouver Lookout Tower (where I was thoroughly put out by Nelly Furtado topping their List of Notable British Columbians, Michael J Fox being pipped by Michael Bublé, and Nathan Fielder not even getting a mention. Travesty!), rambled through Gastown and lunched at a café that paired pizza with interesting reading material (while waiting for my crispy caper delight I learned all about How To Keep Tropical Aquarium Fish).

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15 Resolutions for 2015


So much is written about the value vs uselessness of New Year’s Resolutions, with advice for successful resolving boiling down to ‘be specific’ and ‘be realistic’. For me, any fitness-based resolution is probably doomed to failure. As is a punctuality one (though this post is only like 8 days overdue). Here are my 15 specific and hopefully achievable goals for the next 357 days:

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Snow B(Day)!


From Britain to British Columbia! The journey took almost 24 hours, and included a 9 hour flight to Calgary next to the most garrulous geezer I’ve ever encountered (I now have 9 hours worth of wetland frog facts and a disturbingly vivid account of how the throbbing pain of sebaceous cysts changes with altitude), a tussle with unsympathetic ground staff (who insisted on frisking and bomb-testing me at snail’s pace even though my connection flight was already boarding), and a Home Alone-style dash through Calgary Airport. I arrived in Whistler Village bleary-eyed, but ridiculously excited.

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