100th Post

Apparently the typical blog lasts for 100 posts which, assuming maybe thrice-weekly posting, is about the shelf-life of a commercially-produced stroopwafel. Admittedly I’ve let this space get a little stale over the last month or so, but I intend to push it past the mean expiration date. Because for me, blogging, like a syrup-filled dough sandwich, is a treacly life-sweetner.

Firstly, it has encouraged me to try new things. Obviously not in a Hannah Horvath-ian get sex-punched in the chest/sleep with the boss for the story kind of way, but I might (for example) have chickened out of improv if it hadn’t been a slow week with little else to write about. I also have an amazing blind date story itching to be written up into a pivotal romcom scene; after all my hypocritical whinging and an interesting plot twist, I ended up going on this college date exchange because I thought it could make for a good tale.

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2014, it’s been real nice

Last day of 2014, and a time for reflection. This year has been a corker: I got my law degree from USyd, moved to Oxford, and have spent the last 3 months throwing myself into BCL and college life. I’ve tried rowing and survived regattas, adjusted to a pretty competitive environment, done some amazing travelling, and still have all my natural teeth (no fillings here!)

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One Lovely Blog


You know how in every schoolyard movie there’s always one lurking misfit? The kid curtained by their own bangs, inking out poetry or mumbling to themselves as they watch the other kids hopscotch? Who finally comes out of their shell at like, prom or something, and reveals themselves to be relatively capable of normal human interaction? Well, in the blogging world, I am that late-blooming kid…though with better conditioned hair.

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