Halloween take 2: Looking like death

Another day, another bop (yep, I still feel daft calling it that; like I should be wearing underoos and lindy-hopping). Wanting to do gory makeup and combat the high wind chill factor (ie. no scantily-claddedness for us!), my friends and I went dressed as zombie schoolgirls.


I do actually have friends, I promise. I’m just a bit clueless on the etiquette of posting photos of them on a public blog. Perhaps a notecard to Emily Post is in order…

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Halloween take 1: A Jim-less Pam

Tonight (which you’ll notice is not Halloween if we’re going with the whole Gregorian calendar thing) is the big night for college Halloween parties in Oxford. This put me in the odd situation of wanting to celebrate actual Halloween last night…but in like, a moderate way. My going-out stamina is like my iPhone battery; it only lasts 2 nights if I’m miserly and keep the Instagramming to a minimum.

Here’s how my Halloween morning played out:

  • I didn’t want to waste my actual costume (which involved dropping £15 at Primark ie. a definite over-egging of the party pudding) on last night, so opted for the classic cheapskate, zero-creativity costume: a cat. I know, I know, it makes me sick up in my mouth a little, and it was probably karma that I had such a battle finding cat ears. Claire’s Accessories and Poundland had been completely plundered; pretty much all that was left was these awful spider hairbun-toppers, overpriced gimp masks, and stupidly tiny hats on hairbands (like, little puffy wizard hats and Tim Burton-esque top hats). Actually, on second thought that could have made for a cool Kristen Wiig/Amy Poehler homage…

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Halloween costumes for the pun-lover

Tupacman…Woodchuck Bass…Miss Piggy Azalea…

25Oct2 25Oct1 25Oct3

Halloween in Australia is pretty much a non-event. As a youngster, inspired by American movies and hopes of candy-comas, you might venture out to trick-or-treat. It’ll be total tumbleweed town though; the few kids you see will be wearing the exact same raggedy witch costume as you (the only one that Woolies stocks), and neighbours are more likely to switch off their lights and cower behind the couch than open the door to you. Those that do either (a) assume that Jehovah’s Witnesses have changed their marketing strategy (b) launch into a tirade about door-to-door Encyclopaedia sales being illegal after 6pm or (c) ferret around the back of their pantry for anything resembling candy. You are more likely to get tinned peaches, aniseed balls, breath mints or ChocoLax than sweets.

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