Bean boot bungle

When I ordered my L.L. Bean boots, I was slightly miffed at the “…fries with that?” checkout suggestion of a pair of men’s boots. ‘I don’t need a man!’ I thought (cue PCD power ballad), ‘and if I did have one, I probably wouldn’t want him wearing the same shoes as me.’


When I excitedly opened my Bean parcel this week, I couldn’t help but feel that they’d taken their anti-single stance a bit too far. What did I find, nestled like tumbled leather bunnies amidst the tissue paper? Not my highly-anticipated snow-mucking booties, but a pair of men’s penny loafers.

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Boot, rally, repeat

You know what happens a lot in the UK? Rain. Back home, rain is an EVENT. Rainy days are when you sit inside, eating jaffles and squabbling over who gets to be the racecar in Monopoly. Here, rain is a way of life and people just…get on with it.

The first wet day here I squelched about in my little Nike Frees, until I lost all feeling in my toes and began to stress about trench foot. And so to the task of boot shopping.

I pretty quickly nixed Hunters. I know they’re like a British Institution or something but I can’t get over the fact that they’re just plastic and essentially 1 gene sequence away from being Crocs.


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