Thank you for that perspective Cher…


The death stamp of the Oxford classroom…I got told by one of my classmates that my presentation was very “accessible”(!)

This is like your friend marketing you to potential dates as having “a great personality”.

It’s the butchers in Sydney whose slogan is “Meat you can eat”.

The soft drink L&P which is “World Famous in New Zealand”.

It’s the carnation of compliments. The comic sans of feedback. The back-handed, slug-in-the-mouth black jelly bean of scholarly praise.

(On an unrelated note, my Mum often tells me that I have a tendency to overdramatise…)

The Thought Process of Giving a Presentation

It’s the first day back at Oxford, Hilary term. I’m due to present in a legal theory class in a few hours.

Hmmm…first day of school! I consider ironing my top and wonder if I have any barrettes. Oh wait…that’s the school picture day trope. I should be sharpening my pencils. Metaphorically, of course. The few notes I made last term were bashed out on my laptop, or hastily scrawled in lipliner.

Nerrrrves. I’m not a confident speaker at the best of times. Let alone when I’m presenting on something completely over my head. Like state sovereignty and how we can reconcile it with the emergence of supranational legal orders. Ugh. I should probably have spent more than 2 jet lagged days on this.

I should watch a TEDTalk to put things in perspective.

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Law School, Week 1

Throughout my life, I’ve always been the ‘studious one’. I was a quiet child who wore Pumpkin Patch overalls til the age of 15, and preferred reading books in bed to human contact (my Dad dubbed me ‘Mushroom’ not only for my button-cap haircut, but because I rarely saw sunlight). My parents took great pains to socialise me (eg. by forcing me to attend summer swim camps, which I hated. People + chlorine?! Total nightmare…), and 5 years at college also tempered my awkwardness and timidity. However, I’ve always been firmly in the nerd camp.

Oxford Law School is a world unto itself. It is filled to the brim with the most dynamic and interesting people. It is also home to some super intense keenos/gunners. Suddenly (and refreshingly) I’m the ditz of the bunch!

Some snapshots from my 1st week of classes:

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