Parents and Technology: Nothing to LOL About


It’s tough being in a long distance relationship. It’s especially tough when that distance is 17,037 km and the relationship is parent-daughter.

Since I traded Sydney’s sunny climes for Oxford’s dreaming spires, SMS has become the main form of communication between my doting parents and me (where doting = ‘assumes their daughter has gone into septic shock from mercury poisoning if they don’t hear from her for 2 days’ and me = ‘23 year old college student who subsists entirely on Sirena tuna’).

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I’m on ManRepeller!

…in the meantime, Exciting News!

An article I wrote is featuring on the one and only ManRepeller. I feel like an ensemble of whimsical socks + D&G sandals + Stetson hat + coveralls…ie. I have Leandra and the MR girls’ tick of approval!

I’ve been following this hilarious blog since its inception, so am stoked to make an appearance on it!

Read about my delusions of New York/Jay-Z grandeur in my piece ‘In That Empire State of Mind’.

Why I Wear Makeup

This week’s ManRepeller Writer’s Club entry (trying to make it a regular thing) on the topic: Why Do or Don’t You Wear Makeup?

Scan 8

There’s a photo of me aged 2 and a ½ where I’m sitting on the floor in floral fleecy jammies. I’m staring Narcissus-like into a hand mirror; pink lipstick clutched in my pudgy baby fist, and smeared inexpertly across my face.

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The Mindy Project FanFic: The (Late) Breakfast Club

The lovely and hilarious lasses over at ManRepeller have started a weekly Writer’s Club, calling for 500 word submissions from their readers. I thought I’d start sharing my MRWC responses.

This week the topic was “Tell us the tale of your weirdo fan fiction”. Naturally, I inserted myself into the wonderful world of The Mindy Project…

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