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Ask any Aussie 20-something who’s ‘done Europe’ where they’d return to and I guarantee they’ll say Berlin. I mean, they might say Prague or Paris or something (I’m not a mind reader) but definitely if pressed for a top 5, Berlin’ll be up there.

Berlin ticks all the boxes: more exotic than London but not so culturally different as to be alienating; as hip as the Scandi cities but not so prohibitively expensive; history and museum rich but not so overwhelming as the lasagne-jumble that is Rome; as architecturally beautiful and imposing as Paris and Vienna but not quite so strait-laced. It is both exciting and accessible; we want to race around Berlin as tourists, but we can also see ourselves setting up shop there for a moderate-to-long stint (cruising around on a 3-speed, attending cool gallery openings, experimenting with winged eyeliner…)

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Valentine’s Day: acceptable gifts


The countdown is on. Just 1 more week of champagne/oyster/chocolate degustation menus flooding my inbox. 7 days left of red velvet everything (though let’s hope that Red Velvet Oreos have the transeasonal staying power of pumpkin spice lattes and Cadbury Creme Eggs). Only a few more instances of fielding, “So…what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” inquiries from blissed-out, loved-up people (intent on broadcasting their own plans) with the realistic response: “Wallowing”.

If I’m coming off as a little bitter, it’s only because February 14th has never spelled great things for me. Last year I spent it at home, watching Diagnosis Murder reruns and darning my socks. The year before, I was dumped (don’t worry, it wasn’t actually on Valentine’s day…he had the good grace to leave me hanging the whole day and break up with me the following morning). The only boy to ever give me a rose did so under the duress of a Dragon Boating team tradition. He later threw an eel at me.

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Statement Necklaces

So I realise that my last few posts have all been in the ‘What I’ve Bought’ vein. At the risk of falling into the cornfed Warholian territory of Haul Vloggers (although they must be doing something right. Apparently Zoella’s “Home ‘Stuff’ Haul” video, in which she fascinatingly reveals that she is “quite selective with drinking glasses” has over 1.6 million views and 20,000 comments…) here’s a necklace I recently bought from Anthropologie:


Buying statement jewellery is my attempt to ameliorate my black clothes affliction. As an accursedly monochromatic dresser who is constantly offered condolences (apparently I look like I’m going to a funeral) or asked where to find nude pantyhose (apparently I look like a David Jones salesgirl), I’m always looking for ways to inject pops of colour into my outfits. Without like, actually wearing colour.

I was drawn to this décolletage duster because it looks like it’s made of candy gumdrops and teeth. It’s a dentist’s worst nightmare in jewellery form, which is pretty awesome.

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Poetic justice: a coat round-up

On the night that I played the part of world-weary bartender, my beloved Witchery coat was abducted from the MCR coat rack. I couldn’t help but feel that this was karma for my inadvertent vest kleptomania.

And so to the task of looking for a new winter coat. My Mum helpfully suggested that I choose something that no-one would ever steal/mistake for their own. This got me looking at some of the more outrageously colourful options…which led me to Shopbop and Net-a-porter. How can I express my feelings about some of the Designer monstrosities I witnessed? Only through the elegant and ancient Japanese art of haiku.

Gotta catch them all!
How many Pokemon died
For this heinous coat?

(Diane von Furstenberg Fur Finale Coat US$1,920)

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