A Very Oxford Week


PCBC Pimm’s Party (photo: Fashion Biscuits)

First week of Trinity term kicked off with the Pembroke College Boat Club Pimm’s Party, which fulfilled all of my ‘preppy University experience’ wishes. Back in my undergrad days at Sydney Uni, I used to wear this cute knock-off Ralph Lauren blazer around campus, which was pretentious enough to land me in the banner photo of the university website, but also meant that I fielded incredulous, “Why are you wearing your school blazer?” inquiries at least twice a day. But at Pembroke, the students donned their boat blazers and cuffed chinos with gay abandon. Of the pictures below, 1 is from the event, and 2 are Ralph Lauren ads. Can you guess which is which?

3may13 3may12 3may2

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A breakdown of Oxford matriculation day

Dammit Oxford, you’ve done it again. Every time I start to think you’re just a regular university (and I get a grip on my city crush), you front up with some incredible romantic gesture and I fall head-over-heels all over again.

Yesterday was Matriculation, the day where freshers become official members of the Uni. For one day the town is overrun with students in subfusc – the official dress of white shirt, dark suit and bow-tie/ribbon – attending a traditional ceremony with their college cohort, and kicking on to celebrate…


Here’s an account of my day (in spotty detail):

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Law School, Week 1

Throughout my life, I’ve always been the ‘studious one’. I was a quiet child who wore Pumpkin Patch overalls til the age of 15, and preferred reading books in bed to human contact (my Dad dubbed me ‘Mushroom’ not only for my button-cap haircut, but because I rarely saw sunlight). My parents took great pains to socialise me (eg. by forcing me to attend summer swim camps, which I hated. People + chlorine?! Total nightmare…), and 5 years at college also tempered my awkwardness and timidity. However, I’ve always been firmly in the nerd camp.

Oxford Law School is a world unto itself. It is filled to the brim with the most dynamic and interesting people. It is also home to some super intense keenos/gunners. Suddenly (and refreshingly) I’m the ditz of the bunch!

Some snapshots from my 1st week of classes:

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Missing my Mac

It’s been a week. 7 whole excruciating days since my loyal MacBook Pro carked it in a spluttering fit of pixels. I immediately rushed it to the computer store (and felt a bit smug given that the guy beside me had managed to drown his laptop in pear cider…at least mine wasn’t a case of Macslaughter…). The technician gave a preliminary diagnosis of dead battery and told me it’d be a fair wait before my Mac was ‘tickety-boo’ (I’m assuming that’s some British slang and not a red flag about his technical knowhow).

No laptop, no wifi in my room…this has affected me in more ways than I’d have thought:

  • No TV shows! Being behind on the Mindy Project concerns me more than being behind on class readings. On the upside, I’ve realised that reruns of The City are not integral to my happiness, and I’ve devoted much less mental effort to the question of how Olivia Palermo went from treacherous villain to America’s fashion sweetheart (does the world not remember how mean she was to sweet Whitney?)
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